Some winter blues are normal for us Northerners….short days and looooong, dreary nights.
It used to be every February I would really start to suffer emotionally. Lack of motivation, just feeling really blah.
Then somebody introduced me to essential oils and winters haven’t been the same since.

I diffuse Citrus oils to help life my mood. Something about the sunshine and citrus that seem to go hand in hand. Citrus Bliss is my favorite.
I use the Motivate or Cheer roller bottles blend for easy application to my wrists.
If I am wearing a scarf, I will even roll them on it so I have a personal diffuser right under my nose.

I will also put the citrus oils in my diffuser. The amount you use will depend on the size of your diffuser and room you are using it in. Usually 2-4 drops.

If using the citrus oils topically, take care to not have that skin exposed to sunlight.

It goes without saying that eating a healthy diet is also a huge help with keeping those blues at bay. Lower your sugar intake and eating a clean diet will help with your mood as well.

What are some ways you help the winter blues?

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