I saw somewhere online where you could clean your tub with Epsom salt and a grapefruit. Cool….I’ll try it. I am all about green cleaning….aka no chemicals!


The grocery store I frequent only had organic grapefruit or a bag of non-organic.  I don’t buy grapefruit on a regular basis, so I don’t know if $1.69 was a lot or not
Before picture….…can’t really tell with my iPhone pic.  This tub was icky!

Our school mascot thought it smelled nice too!

I took half of the fruit at a time.
I did end up using the whole grapefruit;
Just sprinkle the tub liberally with salt and used the fruit like a sponge. I also sprinkled the grapefruit with salt. Total amount of salt? Probably a cup????

Since the lighting was different you can’t tell if it got clean….While I loved the smell of my bathroom after….even the kids were commenting while I was using a lot of elbow grease…I did notice the fixtures were sparkly and it was cleaner…..better than chemicals??? well…the jury is still out.
I did have to scrub harder and at $1.69 for one time use….Pricier? But overall I am happy with the results.

If I can find the grapefruit for less then I may make this a habit…AND I can then run the rind through the garbage disposal to make the kitchen smell nice too!