Some of you may have seen my tweets….COFFEEEEEEE!

A friend posted a link to The Pioneer Woman’s iced coffee recipe

So I tried it. I didn’t make a full gallon because I wanted to make sure I would like it….uh….


iPhone1 026

so you take your coffee grounds and pour them in the pitcher of water

let it sit for 8 hours….or overnight. Like steeping tea….only it’s coffee

iPhone1 027

then take cheese cloth and a fine strainer

I ended up folding over that cheesecloth to about a 4 inch square

iPhone1 028

pour coffee and water into the pitcher

iPhone1 029

this is what you get


I would have taken a picture of my final product with the sweetened condensed milk and what not….but I drank it….all…in like 2 days! 

Ree Drummond is so right….I will probably not buy another coffee stand coffee again….well maybe 1 or 2….but this stuff is YUMMMMY!