As I stand at the kitchen sink cleaning out the crock-pot, yet again, I wallow in my pity party because The Principal’s gone.
I have to change my thoughts.
Be thankful.
Thankful for the food we just ate.
Healthy children to cook for.
A hard-working husband who provides for us.
Be thankful for the roof over our head, warm beds for all.
It’s normal to get bored with the same routine.
To feel less important doing the ‘mom thing.’
You ARE important! Do not think for one second that you are just a mom, just a person.
You’re somebody’s most important person. Everyday you make a difference in somebody’s life.

The picture of the Tonka truck is one I took of one of the Tonka’s that lay near our trampoline.
It looked sad and abandon there. It used to be played with daily.
So while I am no longer ‘the person’ of the pre-schooler’s that once played with this truck, I am the person to two teenagers
and two young adult men. I am ‘the person’ for The Principal, too.
I am glad to be Somebody’s Person.

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