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I’m sitting on the train in the wee hours of the night and I just feel like writing.
Not sure why, but I have a desire to write.
I remember when I use to write all the time. There was hardly ever a day when I didn’t post something or journal or do some other form of writing, but not anymore.. which makes me sad.. I feel the difference in my life.

Not only have I stopped blogging, but I have also stopped writing in my prayer journal everyday… It literally makes me want to cry because I know I am missing out on a great relationship with God because I’m not staying in touch with him.

I’ve been sort of trying lately but, I’ll be honest with you, my devos have been spotty at best.

When I was in a good standing place with God, reading my Bible everyday and writing in my prayer journal, I could take on anything thrown my way, because I knew I had my Creator right by my side!
Where I am in my life right now? I’m irritable, I always feel like I have no energy, I get stressed very easily… that sense of peace that comes with having a relationship with God just isn’t there anymore.
Has He left me? No, He promises in the Bible that He will never leave me, but I have pushed Him to the side. Relationships go both ways.. You can’t instantly know God without doing the work to get to know Him, or to keep the relationship going.

I know that making yourself read your Bible everyday is hard and making yourself keep a prayer journal isn’t easy, but if you can train yourself to read everyday and spend some time in prayer, the results will be amazing!
I know I’m going to start putting the work into it again because, to be honest, I can’t keep living my life like this.

I can’t go another day without my Savior beside me.

Will you start with me? Will you pick up your Bible today and get to know the Creator who loves you so much? I promise you, it will be worth it.

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