*UPDATE 6/26/2018*
It appears their phone number has been disconnected and the only way to contact them is via email.
In a group I am in a lady posted her friend (so kind of playing telephone here) got her chicken yesterday and the driver told her he had just learned they were filing bankruptcy. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company. Half my order was with affiliate dollars so I can’t get those, but the cc company is going to look into the bankruptcy claim. A court case was filed Nov 14 2016 found here

It appears that Zaycon Fresh is closing it’s doors and people are not happy. Understandably so. We have given them our hard earned cash for pre payment of their products. I, myself, have an order in for bacon and chicken for this fall and into early 2019.
I have been a customer and affiliate of Zaycon Fresh for many years. I have written about the quality of their meat a few times and many of you have been so gracious as to buy through my affiliate link. THANK YOU!

I will update as I learn more information. Right now I am not taking any action. I will trust they will either fulfill the current orders or refund us.

The email listed on their site is Questions@ZayconFresh.com if you would like to contact them directly.

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