Last year I planned to go to Relevant very early on, like right when tickets went on sale.
A month before Relevant my mom passed.
I went with no agenda. It was a chance to get away and just kind of decompress.
I was undone. God had an agenda. God knew what He was doing and I shouldn’t have been surprised by that.
When I got there I had friends I knew I was going to meet, but I didn’t have anything planned.
The words that I heard from the speakers.
The words that I read in my prayer journal
The unspoken words given to me as hugs.
God was there.

In this last week, leading up to Allume, be praying about having an open heart and open mind. You are there for a reason. You may not know what that reason is.
You may have planned early on, like I did last year, to go or just yesterday you bought your plane ticket.
God knows what He’s got in store for you.
So when you’re doing the mundane.
Getting ready to leave meals in the freezer.
Ready for your family, making sure the house is clean, the laundry done.
Prepare your heart for what is going to be done at this conference.
It’s a conference that you’ve probably not ever experienced before.
Even if you’ve gone in the last two years, it’s probably going to be different.
Be ready to accept God for what He has to offer you. To undo you. To have a plan for you.

Praying over the Allume sessions. Ones I want to go to. I see these big-name speakers and I’m like “Oh I’ve got to hear so-and-so and I’ve got to see her!”
“Yep that’s the one I want to go to.”
God says “I have a big things for you in this session. I have things I want you to hear. Things I want you to do with the session”
“But, who is she? She isn’t even somebody I have even heard about…what about that Australian guy…I want to hear him!”
“No” He says, “I want you in this session”
“OK God. Show me.”

Ladies pray over what sessions you are going to hear.
Listen for Him to speak to you.
It will be so worth it!

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