Power thought 4 by Joyce Meyer

I am pretty thin skinned when it comes to being offended.
What bait does Satan use to offend me?

My faith: I don’t tell you my opinions because i don’t care about yours. I may tell you about mine because I love you and want to see you in heaven someday.
Homeschooling: You make a comment about it and I am immediately offended. Especially if you say my kids are ignorant as a result.
ADD or ADHD: These aren’t learning disabilities. Yes, they sometimes make life challenging. Yes, I chose to medicate my boys. Would I do it again? Probably not. This is a touchy subject for me.
Where I choose to live: Yes, we live in the mountains of North Idaho. We were both raised in the city and now live in a town with a population of 400 give or take. We are not hillbillies or rednecks. Yes, I get offended when you say we are because we live where we live.

Being offended is sin. Obey God. Forgive. Do not harbor offense.
Life is TOO short to be angry or resentful.

Think positive thoughts more often. Think about the good in others.

Don’t let negative people control your mood.
Be difficult to offend.
Don’t give them CONTROL to offend you.
So do yourself a favor and forgive. Love one another and know who YOU are in Christ.

Go BEYOND your feelings.
Don’t be offended.

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