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Months ago (in) Courage announced the (in) RL Conference.
I conference from your home with in-real-life people.
I decided right away I would host. I went to and entered all of my information.
Posted on Facebook. Both my personal page and my blog page.
The date got closer and there was only 1 RSVP and she was a maybe.

Dayspring had specials for decorations and door prizes.
Then ladies were posting on twitter the elaborate decorations they were planning on using.
So I cancelled. Less than a week before and I cancelled.
Thinking to myself “I knew I shouldn’t have decided to host.” “Hospitality isn’t my gift” “I can’t afford all of THAT!”

Then I watched the Friday webcast.
Where my friends-in-my-computer were on the screen.
Where the interviews were recored at Allume. The only blog conference I go to because the same friends that live in my computer will BE there. In real life.

I HAD to share the goodness with my in-the-flesh-friends.

So I made a phone call.
Then a few text messages.
I got the okay to use our church’s coffee shop.
Honestly. I SHOULD have done that to begin with. Not worry about numbers…”Oh if I get ‘enough’ girls we can have it there.”
I made a Facebook event less than 24 hours before.

I get my computer set up at the coffee shop.
11:30 comes.
11:30 goes.
I’m waiting patiently, chatting with God.
So, God.
I’m here. All set up to share this goodness with my in-the-flesh friends. I brought chocolate.
I got nuthin’.

It’s not about me.

A friend, who had her own event going on, sits and encourages me.
She’s been right where I am.
This “I wonder if anybody will show up” place.
She says…It’s not about you.

It’s about being obedient.

He nugded me to step out of my comfort zone.
I was, however difficult it was for me, being obedient.

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If I am going to follow His way for my life in the little things.
In the big things.
In the easy things.
I MUST be okay with following His way for my life in the hard-for-me things.
In ALL things.

Ultimately 3 ladies showed up.
We watched. We talked.
Did they get it?
This ‘these are my friends-in-my computer and you are my in-real-life friends.’
I don’t know.
I do know I was obedient.

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